Betting Is Now Easier Than Ever Before

Love the adrenaline rush of a live game betting? We understand it is not always possible to reach the location of a sports going live. But with us, you need not limit yourself to just a few games or occasional bets. We now present to you the latest state of the art Betting Apps that make betting fun and available everywhere you are.

Now you need not limit yourself, since betting is possible anytime with us. We have a long list of sports on which you can bet choose your favorite horse racing or rugby, football, you name it we have it. And with our attractive promotional offers, resisting these bets is going to be close to impossible.

  • Just as almost all online shopping and internet surfing has shifted from the desktop to the mobile phones, the betting apps have also found a place on the mobile phones. We know that betting apps are not easy to find and have to be downloaded. We provide a platform that is not just easy to download but also compatible with all your Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets.
  • With us, you now get a chance of earning extra betting money. All you have to do is visit our website and download the ink on your mobile phones. After having downloaded the app, you can create your own account. You will be asked to fill in all your basic details, and if you deposit a sum of anything above GBP 200, we give you a whopping GBP 30 free to bet.
  • You can take advantage of the free credit by simply adding a promo code that we will provide as you register. You must then place a bet on your favorite sports and no matter whether you win or lose the bet, we will credit another GBP 30 worth of betting money to your account.
  • Special efforts have been taken to make sure that the betting app is easy to use. So even if you are a newcomer or an expert, you all can use the app with ease. We have some simple drop downs and a list of sports mentioned in the A-Z order, making it easy for the users to find the sport. Because we understand how irritating it can get to want to place a bet at a particular given time, and not being able to locate the sport on the app.

Placing a bet with us is also very simple, you only open the betting app and choose the sport you wish to bet on from A-Z, suppose you choose horse racing. After the horse racing segment opens, you then enter the timing and place of the race. After the race of your choice has opened, you simply choose the amount of money you wish to place a bet on and on whom.

And your bet will then be placed. You will be given a bet slip with which you can track the status of your bet. There is yet another unique factor to our betting app is that you can actually view the sport you bet on live as it goes on.You must place a bet of minimum value to the sports you want to bet on. Once you have placed your bet successfully, you will then be given an option of ‘watch live’ which

you can choose and watch the game unfolding live in front of your eyes. You can also keep a track of your game and keep a regular check of the status of your bet. There are two different ways in which you can do this; the first one is simply on your mobile betting app. When you login your account, there is a drop of called ‘Bet Status’ where you can check the current status if your bet.

The other way to check is by visiting the official website, here you enter your login details and reach the home page. There you can get the status details as soon as you enter the bet sip number given to you. Here you can also get details of other bets placed by you, its history, the number of victories and losses as well. For all those who like the casino style betting need not be disappointed, as we have something for them too. Presenting some of the all time casino hits including Russian roulette, black jack, poker and much more.

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